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The British Marine Federation (BMF) is the trade association for the leisure, super yacht and small commercial marine industry.   It represents businesses involved in:

  • Leisure boats – seagoing and inland
  • Small commercial workboats up to 24m
  • Superyachts
  • Hire fleets
  • And all the equipment and services needed for those craft.

There are 12 Region and 16 Group Associations within the British Marine Federation. As part of BMF membership you are also given membership of a minimum of one regional and one group association.

Region Associations provide a marine business forum for discussion of issues affecting local businesses, together with representation of industry interests to local authorities, Government offices and business links. They also promote member companies and boating in general at a local level.

Group Associations have a similar function but represent the interests of different sectors within the industry.

For further information on Group Associations Please click here.

The BMEEA changed it’s association name and logo at the Association’s AGM October 2013 to specifically align it’s brand with a stronger and more corporate BMF brand.

This rebranding of the Association has been designed to strengthen the brand awareness of both the BMF, and ourselves, and strengthening our position as a strong Association within the British Marine Federation, serving the leisure industry in both the electrical and electronic fields.

BMEEA is an Association within the British Marine Federation (BMF) and works on behalf of its members to promote their interests in the marine industry. It has representation within the overarching trade federation through its Chairman who is a member of BMF Council.

With both waterside dealers and equipment manufacturers/distributors of Electronic and Electrical equipment making up the membership, the industry has seen steady market development but coupled with challenging economic conditions in recent times. This is both in respect of business growth and technical complexity. The BMEEA recognises these challenges and has embarked upon a major development and support programme in response.

The Association’s AGM approved a new constitution, name (BMEEA) and logo, the latter two making it clear that the Association was a specialist group within the Federation and provided expertise in electrical supplies and its on-board distribution.

British Marine Federation Group Diagram