Back in the 1980s and to help the leisure marine electronics trade work together, META was formed (Marine Electronics Trade Association), similar in principle to the current association. In those days equipment was not as sophisticated as today and the degrees of digital interfacing between products much more limited.

In 1990 – 1991, META became part of the then BMIF (British Marine Industries Federation) and re-named BMEA (British Marine Electronics Association) a name that has lasted until October 2013.

The work of the association members has truly expanded both in terms of the complexity of today’s products and their digital interfacing so they can ‘talk’ to each other

Electrical supplies on board to power all this equipment and supply the domestic needs of modern craft have also changed dramatically to include inverters, on-board generators and shore sourced AC mains, all often controlled by touch screens. Some members of this Association specialise in the electrical side of installations only and to recognise such members, there became the need to expand the association’s title to BMEEA (British Marine Electrical & Electronics Association).

Some years ago, the Federation was also re-named BMF and BMEEA remains as one of the very active specialised groups within the Federation and is also an associate member of the NMEA (National marine Electronics Association (USA) with whom we work.

NMEA- National Marine Electronics Association Logo