The Code of Practice for Electrical and Electronic Installations in Small Craft is produced by the Association as a guide to how electrical installations should meet the Standards required for compliance with the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD). Sections of the Code are based on the ISO Standards for AC & DC electrical installations.

The remainder of the Code of Practice deals with guidance notes and best practice for the installation of all electrical and electronic equipment with many cross-references applicable to this subject. All company members of the BMEEA adhere to this Code of Practice giving you assurance that they are carrying out such work in accordance with best practice and legal standards.

Some of the areas that the Code of Practice covers include:

  • Best standards of customer service to ensure that members act with honesty and integrity towards their customers
  • Observance of all relevant legal and regulatory requirements, including product and safety regulations
  • Contractual standards that ensure a high standard of responsibility to the customer in every transaction
  • How to deal with customer complaints efficiently & reasonably to ensure good customer service
  • Recreational Craft Directive compliance

The Code of Practice is available to all including trade and DIY installers alike and can be obtained through the BMF technical department.

BMEA CODE: From 1 August 2013, the fifth edition of the British Marine Electronics Association (BMEA) Code of Practice became available from the British Marine Federation (BMF).

The code includes two updated ISOs – 10133 applicable to DC supplies up to 50V and ISO 13297 for single phase AC supplies up to 250V rms.

Additionally, and as previously, the code includes much advisory information on all installation aspects of both electrical and electronic equipment for use on leisure craft that fall under the Recreational Craft Directive (RCD) (for craft up to 24 metres LOA) and small workboats.

This new edition is supplied in pdf format, full colour and with easy access to each and every section page by page.

BMF/ BMEEA members may purchase copies directly from the federation at a cost of £40 + VAT.
Non-federation members will be charged the full retail price of £120 + VAT.

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