New Satelite TV, The Digitalvision TV5 From Digital Yacht

By 20th November 2008News

Digital Yacht has launched the DigitalVision TV5 satellite TV system for boats.  It is a fully automatic and stabilised satellite tracking system, so TV can be received even whilst underway or at anchor with no manual realignment of the antenna required.

It comprises a compact, radome-style antenna together with a small below deck control unit – all you need to add is a TV and satellite decoder.  Traditional stabilised satellite TV systems have always had a much larger dome shaped antenna but the DigitalVision uses new, patented phased array technology which allows the use of a much lower profile antenna.  Despite this, the system is more than capable of tracking even in the roughest of sea states and it also incorporates a GPS and gyro to help stabilise the antenna. Just a single cable links the antenna to the below deck processor so installation is a breeze.  The below deck unit also incorporates a DC-AC inverter so that the TV can be powered from the boat’s battery system.

The system comes pre-programmed and optimised for Astra 2 satellites which carry broadcasts from the popular Sky and FreeSat services – ideal for UK users.  The system can also be programmed for Hot Bird, Thor and Astra 1 satellites if European coverage is required, with a simple plug in programme. 

For further information, please contact:
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